Java Libraries

FTC Crazy Cat Ladies Java Libraries

We began using Acme Robotics' RoadRunner library in 2019 and were inspired to give back to the FTC community in the same way by creating our own Java libraries which can help teams with some of the challenging control system work that is necessary to build a powerful autonomous or teleop op mode.

Schrodinger is our first Java library and helps teams to implement State Machines in their control system.

"State Machines with Schrodinger" Codelab

Nyan is our second Java library and helps teams to implement Subsystems in their control system

"Subsystems with Nyan" Codelab

Navicat brings together the capabilities of our state machine library, Schrodinger, our subsystem library, Nyan, and the terrific motion planning library Road Runner from team Acme Robotics. The end result is a framework that makes complex robot navigation accurate and easy.

"Navigation with Navicat" Codelab